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OFA Fxd Lug Chain(copy)(copy)(copy)

Trygg1(copy)Fixed Ring Lug Chains

We stock Trygg Ring lug chains from Norway.

These are 19mm and are a well proven chain and all come with a tension chain.

We have the following sizes in stock.
  • 35.5 x 32 
  • 30.5 x 32
  • 28L x 26
  • 24.5 x 32
  • 18.4 x 34
  • 23.1 x 26

If there is a size that we do not stock or a different style that you are after we are able to order for you.
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Clark Single Wheel track

Clarks TracksClark Single Wheel Tracks

SuperGrip Single

Link System: 28mm

SuperGrip Single wheel tracks are an alternative to wheel chains on 6 wheel drive harvesters and forwarders. Once fitted, wheel tracks are designed to improve productivity through minimal maintenance and allow access to steeper, more demanding sites.

Supplied as standard with 3-2-3 Multi Studs

These are in stock now in 30.5 x 32 or 35.5 x 32 to suit a Firestone tyre.

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Flotation FL15 4150 Red Black(copy)

Clarks TracksClark Flotation FL15 Tracks

Link System: 24mm/28mm

The FL15 Flotation Forest Machine Track is a proven design, combined with the Lite-Link system it offers traction and excellent flotation for most ground types.

  • Wide, close spaced flotation plate design offers low ground pressure
  • Lite-link system design offers smooth running with low rolling resistance
  • Tried and proven ‘U’ shape plate ensures excellent traction.
Flotation Usage Chart(1)(copy) FL15-Image-new(copy)
These are ex overseas
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Terra 4018 Red Black(copy)

Clarks TracksClark Terra TL85

Link System: 24mm/28mm

Terra Forest Machine Track features a unique double grouser track plate offering exceptional grip and traction in most ground conditions which, combined with the Lite-Link system offers a high performance track with smooth running and minimal disturbance. This track is designed for use on most sizes and types of forest machine.

  • Low profile design reduces vibration and results in less operator fatigue
  • Arguably the best multi terrain tracks on the market
  • Can be used all year round
  • Tempered for cold weather durability.

Terra Usage Chart(copy)Terra-Image(copy)
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Terra TL95(copy)

Clark Rocky RL50-515

Clarks Tracks

Clark Terra TL95

Link System: 24mm/28mm


Our NEW Terra TL95 Forest Machine Track is the ultimate multi-terrain track for the largest forwarders and harvesters. TL95 features a double grouser track plate offering exceptional grip and traction combined with smooth running and low ground disturbance.

  • Arguably the best multi terrain tracks on the market
  • Particularly suited to medium and large harvesters and forwarders, 14t payload upwards
  • Low profile design reduces vibration and results in less operator fatigue
  • All season use; assured winter and summer performance
  • Suitable for Scarifying operations.
Terra Usage Chart(copy)Terra-Image(copy)
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Rocky RL50             Clarks Tracks Logo Small

Link System: 24mm/28mm

Rocky tracks feature a wide
spaced square section track plate design for superior grip and traction on large machines working in demandingly steep and rocky conditions.

  • Square section track plate for optimum traction in rocky terrain
  • Heavy duty for use on large machines
  • Exceptional climbing ability.Rocky UsageClark Tracks Image
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  • http://www.clarktracks.com/en/tracks/rocky.html


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